AboutAnn Edwards

Innovation, Integrity, Passion

The saying goes “You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust the SALES.” I’ve spent a lifetime learning to be adaptable & solution oriented. It’s true my life’s journey has had twists & turns on my road to Real Estate, but each mile brought with it skills sets which will positively impact your home buying experience For 20 years, each of my roles have revolved around satisfying customers, and exceeding expectations. As a retail manager, I gained 10 years of sales experience, carefully listening to the needs of others, going above the call of duty, and practicing negotiation skills among other useful traits. My 6 years at Bank of America honed those habits, but also brought valuable knowledge regarding the banking system, including financial literacy issues & credit.

I hold a Masters Degree of Science in Educational Human Resource Development from Texas A&M University (WHOOP!). ‘What crossover is there to the home buying market’ you may ask? I have a continued thirst for education, a desire to understand systems & innovate processes to make them the most efficient for the organization, a quantitative & qualitative mind that allows me to process vast amounts of stimuli to better align an organization, and a talent to bring resources together so that the fullness of human capacity can be achieved.

I believe in good citizenship. I feel like I have an obligation to be a favorable influence in our community. As such, I try to support local businesses & events in a variety of ways. In my collegiate days, I acted as a liaison between the local school district & the University of Texas at El Paso’s Center for Civic Engagement. From this experience, I led the Kids’ Voting Project for several years, & I loved seeing the kids inspired, learning, & engaged. I share this so you know exactly what energy you’re getting! I like giving back, & being involved, so you’ll see me out and about in the neighborhood!

Speaking of neighborhoods, you may be wondering where I am from. I spent a bit of time building Texas sass, but the truth is I am a native of Bradenton, Florida…’There’s no place like home!’